Growing Our Business With ServeComp Technologies

Deciding to open an online shop has been a long-time dream of our team. It took a lot of wrong turns before we finally managed to launch early last year. However, as every entrepreneur or business probably know, the launch is just the start of more challenges ahead.  Our decision to go online instead of running an actual store was decision that took a lot of debates and trials. Running and maintaining an e-commerce site was not easy.

Admittedly, it was a bit of a struggle for the first few months into launching the site. Not wanting to miss any more opportunities along the way, we got in touch with ServeComp Technologies to be our primary IT solutions provider. This is a business move that was also recommended to us by our business coaches.

Benefits of IT Solutions

We always knew we couldn’t manage our e-commerce site by ourselves. We are all visionary but barely technical when it comes to IT stuff. Our first move was to hire an IT and web developer to maintain the functionalities of our shop. However, that was only good for a while. What an IT solutions actually do is to streamline the whole business operation, from the maintenance of the site, to time management, and inventory system. We didn’t realized how much we needed these web solutions until we actually had it.

To be more specific, ServeComp Technologies offered us a huge list of the services they recommend for start-up shops like us. For a start, we got their system integration services given how crucial a reliable badownload (8)ck up system is for our business. In this set-up, we are able make everything digital and saved in the cloud. We never had to worry about a missing file or gap in our operations with our system in place. We also eventually turned to ServeComp to develop a mobile app for the shop. Within a few months of working with them, we were able to see how competent their IT team is, so it was easier for us to trust them with our mobile app.

Working with ServeComp Technologies

Our partnership with ServeComp Technologies has really helped us bring the business to where it is now. They may be composed of a team IT experts, but they always take the time to listen to our needs, to assess the business requirements, and even work within our available budget. While majority of our interactions were done online, it was still a relief for us to know that their headquarters is just around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This means we can pay them a visit for a business consultations whenever (9)

One of the best things we like about their services is the sense of accountability in their operations. They finish what they started, and we are assured that they will always be around to help us out in case of any glitch the system. So far, we system has been working flawlessly for us, and we are looking forward to the final testing of our mobile app. ServeComp Technologies have a lot of options for different business models, so you can check their services on their site

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